Hello World!

This is my first ever blog entry. It’s terribly exciting. In fact, I’m “giddy as a schoolboy” as Dr. Elsa Schneider said. So, yes, I’m very giddy. With excitement and a good dose of trepidation; it’s a potent combination. For my first post I thought I’d say a bit more about what I do and how the LBB came about:

I am orginally from Germany and have lived in London for many years with my partner Birger. Whilst writing a PhD thesis, I started baking bread and cakes. Lots of bread and cakes! I thought that if I am procrastinating, I might as well do something I like and which I can eat afterwards. In the process I discovered that I really, really enjoy baking, it’s something I can do all day long. I also discovered that baking bread must be one of the most gratifying things to do – at least for me. The idea of having a small baking business began to form, and as if by divine intervention, I came across the Bread Angels course offered by Virtuous Bread. I duely enrolled, honed my bread baking skills and learned about the business side of selling bread. Fast forward a couple of months, and voilà, the Little Bear Bakery is open for business. Hello Galaxy!

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